Quantum Technical Marine Services is a trusted solution partner for any kind of Ballast Water Treatment System requirements.

Starting from 3D scanning design & engineering Works for your BWTS retrofit projects, we supply, manufacture, deliver and assemble all the necessary parts of the required type of BWTS like pipes, cables, valves, electrical items etc. without any delay/rental loss of your vessels, providing the best workmanship and price advantage while the ship is underway, and we provide a significant cost savings compared to the ship. shipyard prices.



We offer 360 degree solutions with our experienced riding teams.

Below is what we offer for BWTS projects whether you need partial or full support;

  • 3D Scanning, design & engineering



  • Pre-fabrication of pipes & steel foundations



  • Supply and delivery of valves, cables, electrical items etc..

  • Assembly & installation on board with our experienced crews with valid seaman's books.